Bespoke, Cutting Edge IoT Development

IoT offers far-reaching applications in an almost unlimited number of realms, including smart homes, connected cars, offices, and warehousing environments. Q1 has a stable of current solutions that we have brought to market, including over-the-road fleet tracking solutions, geographic site tracking, food delivery tracking solutions, and texting disable devices.

Consulting & Ideation

Q1’s cutting edge IoT division delivers innovative bespoke, end-to-end solutions in the telematics, oil and gas, warehouse management, and remote monitoring spaces. Whether you have a specific challenge or application that you are searching for a solution to, or are seeking to brainstorm and ideate a solution that serves a specific market segment, Q1’s consultative teams can work with you, analyze your needs and assist you in ideating innovative time- and cost-saving solutions.

Hardware Engineering

Conceptual understanding and ideation is just the first part of the process. Our IoT engineers can design, source and procure suitable hardware that meet the requirements necessary for your application and stand up to the conditions the device will weather to ensure long-lasting performance.

Access to Our White Labelled App

Q1 has developed and operates a robust, proprietary web application that we can white label to you to deliver reporting to your intended audiences, be they internal staff or customers.

Custom Web Applications

During the application development process, our software engineers practice rapid, agile development techniques that allow us to develop feature iterations and test quickly. Our software development cycles are typically measured in hours and days, rather than weeks and months.

Unique Relationships

Q1’s unique relationships with all four major Tier 1 wireless carriers, most Tier 2 carries and MVNOs create a unique position for us in the industry to provide you with valuable insight. In addition to our expert understanding of the processes involved in developing devices of all kinds, our relationships provide us with unique opportunities to assist you in getting your devices commercial exposure by adding them directly into our RFPs and MPAs.


Following the development of the application and hardware, Q1 can provide comprehensive training to the pertinent parties. Training can include written and video documentation, walk-through materials, and live remote or in-person training sessions for staff or customers.

Ongoing Support

Once your bespoke IoT application has been rolled out to market, you can be confident and secure that our development teams will stand behind the product and can provide long-term, ongoing support to ensure consigned success.

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