Looking to Break into North America?

Bringing a device to market in North America requires a different set of skills, knowledge and expertise than it does anywhere else in the world, and Q1 is uniquely qualified in the industry to successfully assist you in breaking through into the marketplace.

Existing, Unique Relationships with All Tier 1 Carriers

Due to the unique, trusted nature of the relationships that we has with all four of the primary Tier 1 Carriers, Q1 has the ability to accelerate your entry into the North American marketplace by integrating your products directly into our RFPs out to the carriers. Further, we have preexisting MPAs with each of the carriers, making it easier for us (and ultimately you) to do business with them.

Eliminating the Cost of Building Out an Entire North American Team

Building out an entire North American team is costly and time consuming. By working with Q1, your organization can leverage our human capital resources on an as needed basis, resulting in both massive cost savings as well as an increased speed to market by utilizing our elite team.

Leveraging Q1's comprehensive infrastructure allows you to build a variable cost business model, staying away from a fixed cost model.

Q1 can assist you by providing human capital in terms of:

  • Administrative Assistance
  • In-Country Account Management
  • US Engineering Resources
  • Warehousing/Logistics

A Single Point of Contact

With so many moving components in the process of getting your device into North America, Q1 can and does operate as a single point of contact for both you as well as the carriers that we are working with. Because we have such close relationships with all Tier 1 carriers, the majority of Tier 2 carriers & MVNOs as well as national retail marketplaces and rural carriers prefer to work with us because they understand our expertise and trust our ability to make sure that every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed. In turn, you will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that everything is being appropriately considered and accounted for.

In-House Engineering Team

Q1’s employs an in-house, stateside, seasoned engineering team that can assist in real-time with important processes including working through the device certification process, working directly with Tier 1 approved labs, and managing software updates for the device as they are needed.

Over 500 devices launched and 300 years of experience drives certainty that your go to market strategy will be executed properly the first time.

Comprehensive Account Management Throughout the Lifecycle of the Product

As the device moves into the marketplace, our team at Q1 also assists in managing weekly CPFR calls between the carrier and the supplier as well as any other penitent parties, so that collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment are perpetually kept up to date and handled appropriately.

Quality Assurance & Control

Q1 employs robust hardware and software quality assurance and control processes, ensuring that your device will always ship and perform to specifications. We also offer full support for device software reflashing processes.

Reverse Logistics & Repair Capabilities

Q1 offers complete reverse logistics services with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 Certification as well as R2 Recycling. We also handle triage repair up to level 2, eliminating the need to ship product off-shore in order to properly service it.

Complete IoT Solution Support

Q1 also employs a bespoke, stateside IoT engineering team that can provide complete assistance for different issues and challenges that may arise throughout the product’s lifecycle.

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