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Having implemented over 500 custom designed and built devices all the way through to TA (Technical Acceptance) by respective targeted carriers, Q1 offers tried-and-true pragmatic experience perspective in the area of device development. Furthermore, our unique relationships with all four major Tier 1 carriers and many Tier 2 and MVNOs uniquely position us in the industry to provide you with value, time and money saving efficiencies throughout the process.

A Consultative Approach To Device Development

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Q1 employs a consultative approach in working with you to ideate, evaluate and make adjustments to your device development plan. During the initial phase of working together, we'll work directly with you to identify ideal outcomes and tweak the required variables necessary to hit those targets. Variables we'll cover include:

  • Technical specifications of the device
  • In-Box contents of the device (chargers, cases , accessories, etc)
  • Quantity of devices desired
  • Desired price point of the device

Throughout this process, we'll help you in developing a Requirements Document, dialing in all of the final deliverables in terms of how the device will function on the desired network.

Product Mockup

Once we've dialed in your Requirements Document and worked through the variables affecting your custom build, we'll build and deliver a device mockup that will give us a very solid idea of the cosmetics, form factor, and look and feel of the device within 30 days.

Working Sample Device

Following the approval of the product mockup, we will pivot the development process to focus on creating an actual working sample of the device, complete with the required banding for the carrier and countries in question.

Customized Software

Concurrent with the development of the sample device development, we'll work with you to dial in the language and branding of the wake-up screen for the device, as well as the display software and home screen configuration.

Homologation & Technical Acceptance

The end goal of any custom device development process is to successfully move through carrier homologation, the testing and certification process required that proves out the device on the carrier's network. Once the homologation process is complete, you'll be issued a Technical Approval document which will allow you to actually bring the device to market on the carrier's network.

It all starts with a phone call… connect with us now and let's begin the discovery process to see how we can help your organization develop a device that furthers your goals in a productive, profitable way.

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