October 11, 2019

Q-Matics and Suntech U.S. announce a strategic partnership to offer a single payment IoT device model

Q-Matics, the Telematics Service Provider and bespoke IoT development arm of Quality One, announced their strategic partnership with Suntech U.S. to offer a single payment IoT device model earlier this week.  Q-matics’ single payment models are 25% less expensive than equivalent competitive devices, feature no recurring contract or fees to be held captive to, and come with a fully baked SDK.  Hardware is currently available in OBD devices (LTE and 3G), wired devices (3 axis accelerometers, 4 inputs, 3 outputs), and asset/trailer rechargeable tracking devices (LTE, 3G, CAT M/1, & NB IOT.

“It took us almost a year to find a Hardware provider that truly thought through their offering the way Suntech has. Suntech really touched all the bases with their GPS tracking devices and IoT products.  We were looking for an engineering focused team that was forward thinking and flexible enough to pivot for the next evolution of Telematics and IoT.  The product has been market tested, but most importantly the supporting software and provisioning tools that telematic service providers need to get  to market and support end users is what made this an easy decision for Q-Matics.” said Jeff Williams, President of Q-Matics.

“Suntech relies on our distribution partners to represent what we believe is a best in class offering for telematic service partners and hardware distribution groups.  We are optimistic about our relationship with Q-Matics to be part of their continued success.  They are bringing decades of channel relationships to markets where we believe the Suntech suite of products will be well received by the market.” said Rob Martin, President of Suntech U.S.

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