December 16, 2021

Quality One donates over $80k worth of toys to Baby DJ with the help of WWE star Mojo Rawley

Earlier this week, Quality One again continued their tradition of partnering with Central Florida’s top-rated morning radio show host Johnny Magic, and his Baby DJ Christmas Fund & Toy Warehouse program – this time donating over $80,000 worth of toys and good to the program… and bringing WWE’s Mojo Rawley into the mix as a surprise guest in the process.

Said Mojo on his TMZ segment on Wednesday, December 15th, “I was at the Buccaneers game on Sunday and I was sitting there with my buddy John Chiorando, and he was telling me about how every year he and his company Quality One Wireless do a big shopping spree for kids for toys for the holidays season, and I told him man you have got to tag me in on this.  So I showed up at and they had probably 20 staff members there with carts waiting for us.  They closed off 20 registers just for us, so we filled up well over 100 shopping carts.  It was well over $80,000 (of toys) – I think that’s when they gave up on receipt – it got too long… it probably spanned the width of the entire Target!”

Baby DJ allows area children from economically disadvantaged families to retain the magic of Christmas by collecting toys and distributing them to children in families that otherwise would not have a Christmas.

“All the time, people want to thank us for what we are doing with the Baby DJ program, but it’s good people like John and Quality One Wireless’s employees, customers and volunteers who could be doing anything else, but decide to come and help us get our warehouse ready to help some families that make it happen.  All I can do is say thank you for those families – Those Moms and Dads who are waking up thinking their kids are not going to get anything for Christmas (but they do anyway), and then not knowing where those toys came.  They came from John Chiorando, Quality One Wireless, and Quality One’s customers,” said DJ Johnny during a live, on-air radio interview earlier that day.

Said John Chiorando, “Quality One has been doing this for a really long time with Baby DJ. Everybody comes in and they donate their treasure, whether it be their money or their time (or both), and it’s a beautiful thing.  It not only helps some kids out – because obviously that is what this is all about – but I’ve been a parent who didn’t have a lot of money and knew the stress of Christmas.  So for all of the Moms and Dads out there experiencing this, I hope we are able to make at least one or two days this year a little bit easier.”

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