Heather Meglino, EsqQ1 is thrilled to announce that their General Counsel, Heather Meglino, Esquire, was earlier this month elected as the incoming President of the Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers.

The Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers (CFAWL) is a professional organization dedicated to promoting the advancement and recognition of its members by expanding leadership and volunteer opportunities within the Central Florida community.  In addition to establishing camaraderie and membership within the CFAWL peer group, the organization falls under the broader goals of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers (FAWL) in promoting equal rights, advocacy, and opportunity for all members of the legal profession.

CFAWL has given me a community of support for many years, and I am deeply honored to serve as President of this organization. CFAWL is comprised of the most talented and dedicated lawyers in our community. Our organization has zero staff, and our members balance a challenging profession, which often includes managing a household, serving as leaders in multiple organizations, and our members still find the time to advance women in our profession and give back to our Central Florida community. We know our members have faced many challenges navigating COVID-19, but we look forward to continuing to show up for our supporters, members, and our community said Heather Meglino, General Counsel for Q1.  

As a female, minority owned business that has maintained an active Women’s Business Enterprise Certification for years, Quality One strives to build a culture where diversity, inclusion and opportunity is valued.  

Christy Doyle, Chief Human Resource Officer at Quality One noted that “the CFAWL and Quality One share many of the same values including equal rights and opportunities for all members of our community, and investing in our community through any of the various charities we work with in our community such as The Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida, the Wins For Warriors Foundation, or the Baby DJ Christmas Toy program.  We are so proud that Heather is taking the lead with the CFAWL, and we will continue to support her in anyway we can.”

Ms. Meglino will be sworn in as President on July 9th.

Q1 became one of the first companies in the state of Florida today to bring free COVID vaccines on-site for both employees and families.

Both insured and uninsured employees and their family members received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine at the facility in Orlando, and were able to do so without suffering the hardship of missing any time at work. The second round of Moderna vaccine will be administered on-site at Q1 on Tuesday May 4th.

While employers are able to mandate vaccine policies with exemptions for medical and religious reasons, Q1 chose to maintain a voluntary vaccination policy.

Chief Human Resource Officer Christy Doyle said “There is nothing more important than the health and well-being of our employees. We have maintained a commitment to keep every single Q1 employee gainfully employed through this crisis and we see these On-Site Vaccinations as another way to ensure our employees are being taken care of to the best of our ability,” continued Ms. Doyle.

The CDC is encouraging employers to make on-site vaccination programs part of their Wellness Initiatives, as it reduces absences due to illness, reduces time missed from work to get vaccinated, improves productivity, and increases employee morale.

Further, many local news stations covered the event, and you can see one of the news clips below:

Earlier this month, Quality One continued their tradition of partnering with Central Florida’s top-rated morning radio show host Johnny Magic, and his Baby DJ Christmas Fund & Toy Warehouse program.   Baby DJ allows area children from economically disadvantaged families to retain the magic of Christmas by collecting toys and distributing them to children in families that otherwise would not have a Christmas.

The unique challenges of 2020 have made this year a particularly trying one for many families, and as such the employees of Quality One donated over $50,000 of goods including bicycles, toys, Nintendo Switch consoles, and educational games.  Participating companies B.C. Rich Guitars and Once Upon a Coconut coconut water also donated 10 electric guitars as well as several cases of coconut water.

“Without the incredibly generous donation made by the beautiful people at Quality One, we simply would not have had the ability to answer all of the letters that were sent to us this year and help all of our families,” said “Johnny Magic,” founder of Baby DJ.  “Additionally, one of the guitars that was donated by B.C. Rich literally brought one father to tears as he was able to fulfill a dream by giving it to his son for Christmas.”

President of Q1, John Chiorando, added, “There’s nothing more important to us at Quality One than treating everyone we encounter with love, respect, empathy, and gratitude.  Especially in a year like this one, we felt compelled to show up for our local community through the Baby DJ Christmas Fund & Toy Warehouse program like we never have before.  It feels great, and it is nothing short of an honor to serve.”

Whoop International, a Dutch-based OEM of Mobile and Data devices, and Q1 recently announced their strategic partnership for Q1 to handle all of Whoop’s North American forward and reverse logistics.

Whoop specializes in built-to-order high end mobile devices, including smartphones, ruggedized equipment, and IOT devices – all of which can be custom branded.  With offices in Europe, Hong Kong, China, Whoop has recently opened their US office in Frisco, Texas to directly serve tier one and tier two carriers in the North American market.

“As we continue to penetrate the North American market, it’s crucial that our devices are able to be fulfilled and supported with with world class service.  With their decades-long history of exceptional service to major tier 1 and tier 2 players in the wireless industry, we are thrilled to form this partnership with Quality One to better position our products and get them out to the market at large,” said Eric Schouten, Chief Executive Officer of Whoop International.

“Whoop’s products are truly unique and innovative, and we are excited to be working with them to assist in the distribution and return management of these devices,” said Victor Anez, Vice-President of Operations at Quality One.

Quality One is thrilled to announce that it has been named amongst the winners of The Orlando Sentinel’s 2020 Top Workplaces Award for Orlando and Central Florida.

Quality One was amongst the select companies chosen for the prestigious award, as determined through employee surveys conducted by a third-party organization, Energage. The surveys measured qualities such as company leadership, communication, career growth, working environment, managerial skills, wages, and benefits.

“It’s humbling to be recognized by The Orlando Sentinel in this way, because there’s truly nothing more important to us than the people who work here, whom we very much consider family,” said Christy Doyle, Vice President of Human Resources at Quality One.  “I’m so grateful that Quality One has been honored as a Top Workplace in Orlando and the Central Florida area. It lets me know that our employees feel the same way about our company that I do,” continued Ms. Doyle.

Written directly into Quality One’s Statement of Purpose is to “remain the PREMIER place to work by providing a workplace environment that transcends the paycheck! We pride ourselves on being contributing members of society and a benchmark for corporate philanthropy.”  In that vein, Quality One invests in the community as well by supporting local organizations such as the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida, the Johnny Damon Foundation, and XL 106.7 FM’s “Johnny Magic’s” Baby DJ Christmas Toy Program, amongst others.

Further, Quality One is proud that they have successfully maintained a commitment to keep every single one of its employees gainfully employed throughout the COVID-19 crisis… a commitment that they intend to keep through the duration of the pandemic.

Quality One Wireless has once again awarded the Women Business Enterprise Certification (WBE).

Companies that are eligible to be WBE certified must be for-profit companies who are at least 51% owned by a woman or a group of women and whose governing board is controlled by a woman.

Helmed by Colombian-American Claudia Chiorando, Chairwoman of the company’s Board of Directors, Quality One has seen continued forward growth and momentum throughout her tenure, including during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Further, Quality One has made and successfully kept a commitment to keep every single one of its employees gainfully employed throughout the pandemic while supporting area families and businesses with the development of a full PPE sales and distribution line called

“We are grateful to once again receive this crucial designation and look forward to continuing to serve our customers and their communities to the very best of our abilities” said Claudia Chiorando, Chairwoman of the Board of Q1.

Q1's 120,000 sq ft facility in Orlando

After being designated an essential business by the City of Orlando, Quality One continues to provide crucial supply chain management services to the telecommunications industry as well as increasingly supporting ongoing public health efforts in the ongoing battle against COVID-19.

Quality One prides itself on its commitment to family, both internally within the organization as well as in being a member of the local, regional, national and global community.  Because of this, Quality One is proud that they have successfully maintained a commitment to keep every single one of its employees gainfully employed throughout the COVID-19 crisis, a decision that was made over two weeks prior to the government stimulus package.  Further, that is a decision that they wholly expect to remain devoutly committed to for the duration of this challenging period.

Production operations are continuing to move forward in full at Quality One, with significantly heightened restrictions and precautions that have been fully implemented for several weeks to ensure the highest level of safety possible for workers, all of whom are receiving hazard pay during this period of time.  Temperatures are being taken at the door for all people entering the building, social distancing of at least 6 feet is maintained at all times, and thorough disinfection and sanitization efforts are exercised multiple times per day.

As written directly into its core values, Quality One is “a compassionate organization that values relationships and diversity, treating everyone with love, respect, empathy, and gratitude.”  Further, those values state that Quality One “continuously strive[s] to exceed our goals as a contributing member of society, and [be] a beacon of corporate philanthropy.”

John Chiorando, President of Quality OneJohn Chiorando, President of Quality One, is particularly insistent upon making sure that Quality One’s core values are more than just talk, but that the organization backs those words up with action.  “These are unprecedented times that nobody alive has ever seen, and the fact of the matter is that we have resources that we can share with our fellow man to make a real difference.  Quality One has significant resources at its disposal to assist Orlando area companies in their operations, and keeping their businesses afloat… And I firmly feel that is our calling to make sure that we offer a hand in every way we can,” said Chiorando.

To this end, Quality One has significant capacity available to assist Orlando area businesses with crucial supply chain services, including:

  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Pick, Pack & Ship Services

If you are in Orlando area business and need assistance during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will see how we can help take care of you in a way that helps you keep moving, and support the people who depend on you.

We are all in this together, and we will all get through this together.

Warehousing, Logistics & Pick, Pack & Ship contact point person:
Victor Anez
[email protected]
(407) 857-3737  ext: 319

Click here for more information on Quality One’s COVID-19 response.

Q1 & Mint Mobile are once again partnering up, this time with Q1 serving as Mint’s exclusive fulfillment provider for the Samsung Galaxy S Series.

“The Mint Mobile and Quality One Wireless ecommerce partnership continues to be a potent combination, and we are honored to support their latest launch, the new Samsung Galaxy S20 on launch day,” said Mike Hodge, Director of Online Sales for Q1.

“Devices continue to be a rapid growth opportunity for Mint Mobile and our partnership with Quality One continues to grow. We are excited to bring the latest technologies in an Android device to new and existing Mint Mobile customers.” said Aron North, CMO of Mint Mobile.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Series features a 6.2-inch Quad HD+ Display, 64MP camera, and 8K video snap shooting that promises to revolutionize both mobile videography and photography.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series is available for immediate purchase on Mint’s website now.

Inbound Logistics, the leading supply chain journal and magazine, recently featured Q1 CFO Rob Ferrentino in a piece on vendor managed inventory.  Here’s a clip from the article:

“In 2019, Q1 formed a partnership with WIT Logistics (a unit of Walker SCM in Valley Stream, New York) to collaborate on a VMI program for one carrier that Q1 serves. Under that program, ownership of the wireless devices passes from Q1 to WIT Logistics, and then from WIT Logistics to the wireless carrier.

“The customer places a purchase order with WIT,” explains Rob Ferrentino, chief financial officer at Q1. “Then WIT places that purchase order with us. We fulfill that purchase order to WIT, and WIT holds onto that inventory.”

WIT stores the inventory at a variety of strategically placed distribution centers. “As the customer wants or needs the inventory, WIT delivers it to them,” Ferrentino says.

The wireless carrier designed this arrangement to support its VMI program. “The customer set up this agreement with WIT and then we set up our agreement with WIT in terms of fulfilling those needs,” says Ferrentino. Q1 has also joined in similar relationships with other logistics companies to serve other customers.”

Inbound Logistics produced its first issue in 1981, when transportation and logistics was truly in its infancy, typically resigned to back-room silo functions.  To read the complete article, please visit Inbound Logistics here.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Ultra Mobile, the nationwide carrier focused on democratizing wireless communication, and Quality One are pleased to announce the availability of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip on the website.

Announced earlier this week, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip features a 6.7 inch Infinity Flex Display with bendable Ultra Thin Glass, a Hideaway Hinge system that integrates sweeper technology to repel dirt and dust, and a Multi-Active Window allowing users to seamlessly multi-task by using the top half and bottom half of the screen independently.

“The “Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is incredibly innovative. A phone the market has reacted to with lots of excitement. We too are excited about the launch and working with Quality One Wireless in fulfilling these devices to our customers,” said Aron North, CMO of Ultra Mobile.

Quality One Wireless will serve as the exclusive fulfillment provider for Ultra Mobile. “Ultra Mobile and Quality One have enjoyed a growing and healthy relationship over the years, and it is an honor to continue to provide exceptional service to their organization in support of the Galaxy Z Flip,” said Mike Hodge, Director of Online Sales for Q1.

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