Quality One is excited to be celebrating it’s 10th year in supporting the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida by participating in the organization’s “Bowl-A-Thon Tournament of Champions”.

This Sunday, February 16th, Quality One will be fielding two teams that are individually competing to raise money in support of Down Syndrome awareness and inclusion in Central Florida.

A primarily volunteer-run organization with no physical overhead, the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida is a non-profit organization started by a group of visionary parents who wanted to have a direct impact on children, families and the community. The Foundation’s goal is centered on promoting inclusion, understanding and acceptance by expanding opportunities for individuals, families and communities touched by Down syndrome.  Last year, the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida awarded over $150,000 in scholarships, and fully funded a variety of programs designed to create support the inclusion of Down Syndrome affected individuals and families, including:

  • College & Career Prep Program
    Held in conjunction with the University of Central Florida College of Education and Human Performance provides the opportunity for young adults to experience a taste of college life, learn some of the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood and discover some of the many choices open to them.
  • iCan! Work
    A work program which helps our members have meaningful, paid on-the-job-training experience in the community.
  • iCan! Bike
    Bike camp for 40 individuals with various abilities, to teach them to ride a two-wheeled bicycle.
  • iCan! Learn
    A research based program teaching effective strategies and providing customized materials to support parents, teachers and children in the educational process.
  • iCan! Communicate
    A comprehensive language program to help people learn to communicate with peers, family and teachers using an iPad as an augmentative tool.
  • Partners in Education
    Provides training and resources specifically geared toward educational excellence for individuals with Down syndrome to facilitate student and professional success in the classroom / school.

“We are THRILLED to continue our relationship with the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida, and do whatever we can to raise money to support these integral programs inside of our community” said John Chiorando, President of Q1.

“The efforts of organizations like Quality One are invaluable to our efforts, and we couldn’t appreciate their support more” continued Camille Gardiner, Co-Founder of the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida.

You can participate and join Q1 in supporting inclusion for Down syndrome afflicted families by donating here.

Earlier this week, Quality One partnered with “Johnny Magic,” the host of the top-rated morning radio show in Central Florida, and his Baby DJ Christmas Fund & Toy Warehouse program to allow area children from economically disadvantaged families to retain the magic of Christmas.

Each year, with the help of hundreds of dedicated volunteers from the community, Baby DJ collects toys and distributes them to children in families that otherwise would not have a Christmas. Last year over 6,000 kids received toys, food, and Christmas trees through the program.

With a philosophy built upon being a compassionate organization that values relationships and diversity, and treating everyone with love, respect, empathy, and gratitude, Quality One’s employees all pitched in and raised over $20,000 for the Baby DJ Christmas Fund & Toy Warehouse program. Partnered with the Target store in Hunter’s Creek of Orlando to purchase over 45 cart loads of toys and 30 bicycles, they delivered the gifts to “Johnny Magic” and his team of volunteers at the Baby DJ Toy Warehouse.

“It just touches my heart knowing that we have such a giving community that will take the time to go out and purchase toys for kids that they’ll never meet, and that this one little toy may change a child’s life. For me, this is everything. I’m overwhelmed, and it’s beautiful,” said “Johnny Magic,” founder of Baby DJ.

President of Q1, John Chiorando, added, “It is nothing short of a privilege and an honor to support the work that Johnny and his Baby DJ program are doing in the area we are proud to call home, caring for disadvantaged families that may not have the opportunities that we are blessed to have ourselves. I know the stress and anxiety as a parent not being able to provide Christmas for my children. So this is for the kids and for the parents, and it’s truly an honor to serve.”

Learn more at, or find them on Instagram at @babydjinc

Quality One is excited to announce the immediate availability of the highly acclaimed.

The popular device is now available and in stock at Quality One’s partner sites, including Mint Mobile, Straight Talk Wireless, TracFone Wireless, Simple Mobile, Kroger Wireless, Reach Mobile, H2O Wireless, and many others.

“With the fastest face unlock system on any smartphone, Google’s new flagship device truly showcases the best of what Android has to offer,” said Mike Hodge, Director of Ecommerce at Q1. “It is an honor to support our partners by continuing to reliably deliver exceptional service to consumers on their behalf,” added Mr. Hodge.

With an enhanced 90Hz screen refresh rate (compared to 60Hz on most smartphones), the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL offer a smoother experience when scrolling through social media or playing video games than almost any other phone. Its cameras are phenomenal, coupling onboard machine learning with AI wizardry to make it one of the very best camera phones available on the market today.  Further, it’s built-in Soli radar technology is designed to identify where you physically are in order to predict when you’ll reach for your phone.  This way, when you move to pick your Pixel up, your screen will already be on, ready and waiting for you to connect with the world.

The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are available now on Quality One managed partner websites.

Quality One announced a partnership last week with WIT Logistics, a division of Walker SCM, to assist with supporting Q1’s partner’s vendor managed inventory initiative.

As part of this partnership, Q1 will sell inventory directly to WIT Logistics who will then manage distribution to Q1’s partners in an effort to streamline inventory flow and establish a just-in-time inventory processes to support the continued improved execution of Q1’s partner’s supply chain.  WIT will act as a key component of the supply chain process, strategically staging product in geographic areas to support anticipated retail demand.

Wyatt Whaley“WIT Logistics’ ability to streamline our inventory flow in working with Tier 1 carriers is incredibly valuable to us in terms of properly managing our supply chain, and Quality One is looking forward to the opportunity to work with them in this capacity.“ said Wyatt Whaley, Senior Vice President of Sales at Quality One.  “Further, we are proud to work with a minority-owned business enterprise of WIT Logistics’ ilk with a global reach, operating directly and through agency agreements in over 25 countries worldwide.” continued Mr. Whaley.

Expanding upon the partnership, Roger Moll, Executive Vice President of WIT Logistics, said “Our decades-long experienced supply chain engineering and logistics operations team is particularly excited to join Q1 to deliver together another superior cost-savings logistics solution, perfectly suited to the uniquely fast-paced and customer driven mobility sector.  We look forward to continued collaboration in the future.

Quality One and Wit Logistics will begin actively working with one another during Q4 of 2019

SkyBell Technologies, a leading developer in home automation, and Quality One announced last week announced their strategic partnership for Q1 to handle all of Skybell’s fulfillment, ecommerce operations, and forward and reverse logistics in North America.

SkyBell is a smart video doorbell that allows users to see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door whether they are at home, at work, or on the go. It has been named “Best Video Doorbell” by CNET, PC Mag, Wirecutter and Entrepreneur Magazine.

“With the increasing demand for smart home products that are user friendly and the innovation leading technology of SkyBell starting at the front door with the Skybell video doorbell, the need for best in class distribution and GTM is crucial. This partnership will ensure that our products and platform will be delivered and supported with world class service.” said Ronald G. Garriques, Chief Executive Officer of SkyBell.

“Skybell brings with it an extensive and unique IP portfolio in the Smart Home Category and beyond.  SkyBell’s innovative technology will bring great value to our B2C clients as well as our B2C channel partners, and Q1 is excited to collaborate with SkyBell in showcasing their exciting and innovative roadmap to our clientele.” said John Chiorando, President of Quality One.

SkyBell is now available at major retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Home Depot, as well as online at

Quality One is excited to announce the opening of its brand new facility in Orlando, Florida.

Located at 7651 Southland Blvd in Orlando, Florida, Quality One’s new 120,000 square foot temperature-controlled warehouse is a UL3 security designated facility, and ensures our continued ability to provide warehousing, staging, and repair operations with confidence and certainty for decades to come.  It also features state-of-the-art offices, conference rooms, training centers to support continued growth.

Quality One’s new flagship facility in Orlando provides a foundation to make significant leaps forward in the level of service that we can offer to our valued partners like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile as we continue to support their fulfillment efforts moving forward in the 21st Century“, said Victor Anez, VP of Operations for Quality One.

Q-Matics, the Telematics Service Provider and bespoke IoT development arm of Quality One, announced their strategic partnership with Suntech U.S. to offer a single payment IoT device model earlier this week.  Q-matics’ single payment models are 25% less expensive than equivalent competitive devices, feature no recurring contract or fees to be held captive to, and come with a fully baked SDK.  Hardware is currently available in OBD devices (LTE and 3G), wired devices (3 axis accelerometers, 4 inputs, 3 outputs), and asset/trailer rechargeable tracking devices (LTE, 3G, CAT M/1, & NB IOT.

“It took us almost a year to find a Hardware provider that truly thought through their offering the way Suntech has. Suntech really touched all the bases with their GPS tracking devices and IoT products.  We were looking for an engineering focused team that was forward thinking and flexible enough to pivot for the next evolution of Telematics and IoT.  The product has been market tested, but most importantly the supporting software and provisioning tools that telematic service providers need to get  to market and support end users is what made this an easy decision for Q-Matics.” said Jeff Williams, President of Q-Matics.

“Suntech relies on our distribution partners to represent what we believe is a best in class offering for telematic service partners and hardware distribution groups.  We are optimistic about our relationship with Q-Matics to be part of their continued success.  They are bringing decades of channel relationships to markets where we believe the Suntech suite of products will be well received by the market.” said Rob Martin, President of Suntech U.S.

Verizon and Quality One are excited to announce that the prepaid Takumi eTalk flip phone will now also be available in a version that will work with traditional postpaid data plans.  This means that consumers will now be able to add the eTalk flip to their normal cell plans.

Packed with essential features, including a large 2.8-inch main display and a 2 megapixel camera, the Takumi eTalk flip phone fits snugly in the palm of your hand when closed allowing you to quickly view data from the external display.  It also includes the ability to turn the phone’s connection into a mobile hotspot.

“The Takumi eTalk is an excellent, versatile option for consumers are looking for a fully functional flip phone on the Verizon Network, and we are excited to partner with Verizon to provide fulfillment on these phones,” said Bryan Berndt, Chief Sales Officer of Q1, LLC. 

“As a Japanese company, Takumi is pleased to be taking this first step, working closely with Q1 and Verizon, to deliver an affordable device option to Verizon customers.  We look forward to continued collaboration in the future,” said TJ Masuda, Chief Executive Officer of Takumi Japan Corp.

The Takumi eTalk flip phone is now shipping and available for purchase.

Turn It Up to 11!

Mint Mobile and Quality One Wireless are thrilled to announce that Quality One will serve as the exclusive fulfillment provider for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max for Mint Mobile.

“The Mint Mobile and Quality One Wireless ecommerce partnership is a powerful combination. Mint Mobile has an extraordinary team and their marketing initiatives are nothing short of amazing. We are honored to support their latest launch, the new Apple iPhone 11 on launch day. Together, working as one team, we will reach new heights year after year,” said Mike Hodge, Director of Online Sales for Q1.

“Quality One has been a fantastic partner. They provide tremendous marketing solutions that allow us to bring enhanced value to our consumers, and also provide great customer support throughout the phone purchase process,” said Aron North, CMO of Mint Mobile.

Apple’s iPhone 11 Series will serve as a significant upgrade to iPhone users, with a new dual camera system featuring Ultra Wide and Night mode, all day battery, the toughest glass in a smartphone and Apple’s fastest chip ever.

The iPhone 11 Series of phones is available today, September 20, 2019.

Coolpad Americas, a global consumer electronics company, and Q1, LLC, a global leader in wireless distribution, today announced their strategic partnership and availability of the Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch on January 28, 2019.

Specifically designed to connect parents to children while being secure, sturdy and simple to use, the colorful Dyno — the first in a series of family-oriented connected products to come from Coolpad — offers 4G LTE connectivity, an intuitive user interface, an SOS button for quickly contacting parents, and kid-proof protection against dust and water. Paired with an easy-to-use companion app, the smartwatch allows parents to quickly locate their children, set “safe zones” with virtual perimeter alerts, and communicate via voice and text messages.

“Coolpad Americas chose Q1 as a fulfillment partner for Q1’s valued e-commerce management and logistical support,” said Casey Ryan, CEO, Coolpad Americas. Q1 can create a customized website and mobile store (typically in less than 30 days), managing the entire e-commerce ecosystem including inventory, checkout, customer support, forward and reverse logistics. Additionally, Q1 offers partners payment processing, including device financing with no risk of chargebacks, custom SEO and banner ad creation, electronic data integration (EDI) order processing, status and serial number tracking, real-time order processing traceability, customizable sales reporting, and access to two domestic call centers offering a variety of programs including ASC warranty, consumer returns, and troubleshooting. “We are excited to join together with Coolpad Americas for the sale of the Dyno Smartwatch, and we are proud to support its online store and shipment to customers,” said Victor Anez, VP of Operations for Q1.

Pricing and Availability Dyno Smartwatch will be available for purchase on January 28 for $149 at Orders will begin shipping by the beginning of February, through Q1, direct to customers who have ordered.

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